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Brother Angels
This is such a special time and day. It is the day of new beginnings, of transformations. The doorway is open and it is your choice to go in or not.

I feel like we've already crossed that threshold. I am seeing so many possibilities now. Even if there are some times where we yo-yo, we ultimately are on the rise. I think the fluctuating is normal as we find our balance. It's exciting, though, to always be on the rise, to be heading through life in positive thinking, and positive actions that are of our own making. I've never been this grateful about my life, the people in it, and existence. Everything is amazing. It's surprisingly not as difficult as I had previously imagined it. In fact, things happen when I'm not worrying. When I'm just experiencing. Events don't need me to watch them so closely. Just be. I need to remember this when I get entrenched by worry. It's been some time since I've felt that. Imagining myself in other people's shoes is what my brother told me to try. My brothers are generally more wise than me. This has always been true. I'm grateful for them and for them letting me be in their lives.


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