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Writer's Block: Mark my words
How I really feel
What gives your life special meaning and purpose? Do you think it's important to leave a lasting mark on the world? If so, what form do you think this will take?

My brothers. I think they're the reason I'm here at all. Without them, I don't know what I would be doing with my life. Being without them right now is giving me time to think about myself and what I want and who I want to be. I still want to help others. Maybe I'll be doing that alone. If that's the way my life is going to be, I'll accept that. In order to survive in life, you have to be able to accept the changes that happen. If not, you're pretty fucked.

The mark people leave on the world is different for everyone. I am a strong believer in leaving the world better than before you got here. That doesn't mean change it into the way you think is best for the world, however. The way people think is best isn't always best. They work from narrow-minded agendas. They get so focused on what is in front of them that they don't see what else is happening. They forget about what other people are trying to do.

It's cliche, but being the best you can be and being true to yourself really works best for everyone. People naturally work well with one another when they're in this mindspace.